Ten ATM Kiosk Personal Safety Tips

Ten Important Personal Safety Tips for Using ATM Kiosks Worldwide

Having traveled worldwide for over 25 years the use of an Automated Teller Machine, a.k.a. an ATM Kiosk is almost second nature to me. Even after this long period of usage it is imperative that the same personal safety tips are followed every time I go to an ATM kiosk. These are my ATM kiosk personal safety tips based on those many years of successful usage of this very convenient banking technology.

ATM Card Access

NEVER hand your credit card, or debit card, to anyone else. This includes members of your family. If something serious happens anyone you identify as having access to either your card or the PIN number to the card falls under suspicion.

Credit or Debit Card PIN Access

NEVER give your pin to anyone else. For obvious reasons this should never be done. Always remember not even bank employees or ATM Kiosk service personnel have any need to know your PIN numbers.

ATM Kiosk Security

Do not let that you do not know personally inside the ATM kiosk during your transactions. If possible use ATM kiosks that are separate, enclosed, well lit with only one person kiosk transaction areas.

ATM Kiosk Privacy

Ensure no one watches while you enter your PIN. This is just part of common sense and an important part of your personal safety tips when using any ATM kiosk.

ATM Locations Selection Criteria

Choose to use ATM kiosks that are located in crowded areas, preferably with some sort of security guard in place. ATM locations inside banks premises are safest. Those located physically outside banks are no safer than any other of thousands of outside ATM locations world wide. Develop and practice the same set of personal safety tips every time you visit any ATM kiosk location worldwide.

ATM Kiosk Transaction Problems Procedure

If you have transaction problems do not accept advice from strangers. Ask security personnel for help or call the hotline. As soon as possible, but deliberately, move away from that ATM Kiosk, ensuring you have all your personal possessions, including the ATM card.

Know Your Bank ATM Hot-line Number

Make sure, before entering any ATM kiosk location, you have, easily accessible, the bank hotline number for use at the ATM kiosk in case of processing problems.

ATM Debit or Credit Card Scam Protection

Never believe any call, letter or person telling you that you have won a prize and all you need to do to collect is to transfer money from an ATM machine to collect your prize.

Be alert, be aware at all times while using the ATM

Especially be aware at times when you are in a rush or in a hurry to get to someplace else after using the ATM. Develop a procedure for accessing and replacing your ATM card into the same purse or wallet every time to help prevent leaving your card.

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