Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King: How His Sacrifice Has Been My Inspiration And Blessing

I am almost at a lost for words as I try to express what Dr. Martin Luther King ultimate sacrifice has meant to me as an African-American man. The majesty of his life has led me to believe that I can accomplish anything that I set out to do. During the last ten years, I made it my personal quest to study the brilliant life of Dr. King; in my studies I have come to realize that this man was an appointed savior that helps give me the voice to live my dream without fear or degradation.

His visionary attributes are what have shaped the design of African-American people in the modern day, the America we have come to know today. The freedom that I have today is contributed by Dr. King’s tenacity to unite and form organizations that broke the mold of hatred and immorality.

All of my dreams and aspirations come from acknowledging that I am the by-product of many courageous people that sacrificed their time, energy and pride to make this a better place for me. If it were not for the civil-rights movement, my life probably would be much different than it is today.

Often times I feel that I am blessed in so many ways, in comparrison to some of the atrocities that still take place in our modern world. One of the main reasons I love the written and spoken word were due to the energizing and prophetic words of Dr. King. It does not matter if I have read or listened to his works a hundred times or more, I am still amazed at the grace and eloquence that his words breathe in the confines of our humanity.

Martin Luther King life has been a constant symbol of motivation for me personally; this is where I draw strength from the magnificence of his courage. Indeed, it takes courage to fight for what is just and right, and when the odds are stacked against you, these undeniable barriers would be that thing that Dr. King used in his advantage to defeat prejudice and bigotry.

By this reasoning, Martin Luther has been one of my most favorite role-models that have shaped my principles and beliefs. The many brave tales of Dr. King’s life has made me realize the importance of giving back to my community and world.

Undeniably, his contributions have made me a better man, it has also made me aware that the only resolve for true peace is negotiation and flexibility; this is my precedent of truth, the footprint and genealogy that has become my walk in this life.

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