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Which Kind Of Shower Head Is Best For Saving Water?

Which Kind Of Shower Head Is Best For Saving Water?

Back in the day you would either have a great shower or save water, there was no in-between and certainly not both at the same time. However, as time passes and technology advances, scientists have delivered some showerheads that can do both at the same time. Also, there are federal regulations right now that do not allow the sale and use of showerheads that output more water than 2.5 gallons per minute. However, if you care about the environment I would suggest you go even lower than that since the savings are extremely significant, allowing you to save the planet in your rights, and keep the heating and water bills super low.

Like I said you can go even lower than the 2.5 gallons per minute mark, for example, there are low-flow showerheads that go as low as 1.5 gallons per minute output which is pretty much excellent. But how do these showerheads work and how do they save water to be exact? Well, I am going to answer all your questions in a moment.

A low flow showerhead is designed and manufactured to decrease the water flow that comes out from the showerhead. To do these manufacturers use different techniques such as installing a flow restrictor valve in the showerhead or increase the number of jets along with the shower head size. Like I said, in the beginning, you do not need to compromise your shower experience to save water, it will be just the same as always, maybe even better with the new technologies installed.

There are also different types of low flow showerheads and some are more advanced than the others. The main purpose of them is to keep the water output per minute as low as possible but also without losing any water pressure. One of the most prominent features you will find is the flow patterns or a high-powered showerhead.

Aerating showerheads mix air into the water stream to maintain steady pressure in the flow so you get the full shower experience. However, the temperature of the water can cool down a little, which might be a problem, but still, they are the most popular types of low flow showerheads.

For example, if you decide to opt for a dual shower head instead of a low-flow one, you will be wasting way more water than necessary.

Non-aerating showerheads, on the other hand, do not mix air into the water, but still, they deliver a good stream of water with nice pressure, giving a more massage-like effect. Whichever the way you should invest in a good low flow showerhead to say water and keep the planet safe.
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