Is The Acer XF250Q The Best 240Hz Monitor?

The Acer XF250Q is the most moderate 240Hz gaming monitor yet it offers all that you requirement for a rich smooth serious quick paced gaming experience.

Picture Quality

Much the same as most 240Hz screens, the Acer XF250Q depends on a TN (Twisted Nematic) board which offers a quick 1ms GtG pixel reaction time speed for negligible movement obscure and noticeable trailing behind quick moving articles.

Be that as it may, TN boards likewise have second rate picture quality and review edges in contrast with IPS and VA boards.

VA board screens have the slowest reaction time speed which causes noticeable spreading in quick paced games, so we don’t suggest them for serious first-individual shooters.

A few IPS screens are similarly as quick as TNs – also, they have brilliant hues and wide survey edges – however they are increasingly costly. Along these lines, in case you’re searching for something under $300, the Acer XF250Q is your most logical option for FPS games.

It has a pinnacle brilliance of 400-nits which will guarantee a splendid picture even in sufficiently bright rooms. Different specs incorporate a 1,000:1 complexity proportion, vacillated 8-piece shading profundity, and 1080p goals – which is all standard at this value run.

On the 24.5″ perceptible screen of the Acer XF250Q, 1080p goals brings about an average pixel thickness of 90 PPI (pixels per inch) which means a decent measure of screen space and detail lucidity.

Conversely, on 27″ screens, 1080p goals has a pixel thickness of ~81 PPI which brings about a more pixelated picture quality. That is the reason most gamers incline toward 24″-25″ measured screens for 1920×1080.

Moreover, 1080p isn’t as requesting as 1440p or 4K which will permit you to arrive at 240FPS all the more effectively so as to exploit the screen’s most extreme invigorate rate.

Other than sub-par picture quality, TN boards have another large detriment – seeing points.

The survey points are 160° vertically and 170° on a level plane implying that the image will move in hues, complexity, and brilliance when you take a gander at the screen off-pivot. For whatever length of time that you’re before the screen, this won’t be an issue however.


Despite the fact that it’s a spending screen, the Acer XF250Q is really confirmed by NVIDIA as ‘G-SYNC Compatible’ which guarantees faultless VRR (variable revive rate) execution with good NVIDIA GPUs just as AMD’s.

The Acer XF250Q VRR/FreeSync extend sums to 48-240Hz. For whatever length of time that your FPS (Frames Per Second) rate is inside this range, there will be no screen tearing or stammering at all with insignificant (~1ms) input slack punishment.

So as to limit the information slack presented by VRR, top the in-game FPS rate by – 3FPS (237 FPS). This will forestall VSync prompted input slack which would assume control over G-SYNC at 240FPS+.

On the other hand, you might need to cripple FreeSync and play with uncapped casing rates. Along these lines, you get somewhat lower input slack, however you will get screen tearing which is not really noticeable at high FPS/Hz at any rate.

There’s no clearly better alternative here, it relies upon client inclination, computer game, and the FPS rate you can keep up.

Other gaming highlights of the Acer XF250Q incorporate Black Boost (improves perceivability of items in shadows) and adjustable crosshair overlays.

Plan and Connectivity

The construct nature of the screen isn’t generally excellent which is normal given the cost, yet it will take care of business and you even get a decent scope of ergonomics including up to 150mm tallness alteration, VESA, tilt, 90° rotate, and +/ – 60° turn.

Availability choices incorporate HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, double 2W worked in speakers, and an earphones jack.


On the off chance that the Acer XF250Q isn’t accessible, look at the Acer KG251Q which is another financial plan well disposed 240Hz model.

Remember that there are various variations of the KG251Q, so ensure you get the 240Hz model – the Acer KG251Q Dbmiipx.

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