I Will Walk With You During Your Life

One Feather–I felt compelled to share some thoughts with my friends, as I have been walking and connecting with many more of you recently. I frequently wondered where my life was taking me when I was a child. From my beginning, I knew I was different when compared amongst others in my clan. My thoughts seemed to generate more quickly in virtually all areas of normal occurrences.

Everything that happened seemed to have an explanation or deeper meaning. It made little difference if it was the witnessing of a predatory animal snatching its meal, or something as mundane as why people need to breathe. The obvious, as well as the “secretive” aspects of earthly living always had the wheels in my brain turning, whether I wanted that or not.

As I matured, I found myself more and more social, yet at the same time, looking for ample time to be secluded. It was a juggling act of unimpressive proportions in my own mind. Seclusion was my best friend and often felt like my biggest enemy. While I had many friends, some of the biggest ones seemed to be the invisible variety–at least invisible in regard to anyone else’s ability to see them.

Living life with visions dancing in my head also created an awkward balance. Streams of thoughts, where I wondered if I was simply crazy, combined with a deeper awareness that I knew I was anything but crazy, made my quest and thirst for knowledge even stronger.

My journey through this life intrigued many people. Some saw me as inspiring, while others viewed me as your basic lunatic. There were many who shied away from me as if I were possessed by some demonic forces.

Those were the people who I loved to have a little fun with, simply because their ignorance of who I was earned them the right to be chided. Yes, I know this was improper and far from what I have shared and taught in the past. Keep in mind, I have human tendencies, just like each of you. The ability to balance right from wrong is an ongoing lesson for myself, as it is for all people.

I noticed that as my age advanced, so too did my industrious nature. I wanted to build an empire of knowledge that could be equaled by no one else. A competitive edge emerged more strongly with each day that passed, and exists in me even now.

As a teacher of spirituality, my desire is to make each of you feel filled with a base of knowledge that is unmatched when it comes to living and sharing the preponderance of love, compassion, generosity, hope, trust and faith that should be the basic principles of your behavior. You should know that it is a God-given gift for all of us. My connection to my friends is just as strong now as ever.

It is something that I pride myself on. It is one of the largest driving forces in my life, just as it should be in yours. Perhaps what I really want to ask you is if you are going to honor yourself enough to live your life the way I just mentioned. Those character traits are never going to grow old, nor will they ever become the wrong way to do things.

I look forward to speaking and seeing more of you. Some might be wondering how that is possible, but rest assured, even though I am living in the form of energy and not in a physical body, I can still reach you. The value of what I am sharing today is that the magnification of your importance is elevated on a pure soul level.

If you learn and absorb that, then you know that all spiritual beings are a present, as well as a presence in your journey on earth. May the blessings from this body-less friend of yours continue to bring the love and invigoration you need to have a secure, perfect physical life! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.

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