How To Make Your House Wireless For Internet Access

After years and years of my family switching between AOL dial up, and then Verison DSL, we finally had enough of this painfully slow Internet connection and decided to finally get wireless Internet access for both of our 2 desktop computers and one laptop computer.

One day later I can’t tell you have much better I sleep at night and how much of a hassle has been removed from my every day life. Before we got wireless Internet access from Time Warner Cable, I discussed the costs with my family. We would be paying the same per month cost.

The only additional cost would be the set up and installation fee for the wireless connection in my apartment. I also found out that my apartment building had a bulk rate deal with Time Warner Cable which made the per month fee lower.

The first thing that you need to do to get wireless access is to contact a cable provider like Time Warner Cable. Ask a lot of questions because when the installation is going on, a lot of wires are going to be moved around. Ask questions about your phone jacks and whether your home land phone lines will need to be moved. Ask if any furniture will need to be moved.

On the phone arrange for a time to have the installation of the wireless access of your home. Make sure that you arrange for a time in which someone in your family is home. Whenever you have a stranger entering your home, you want to make sure that they are watch to make sure that they don’t ruin, destroy or steal anything.

Its also a good idea to have someone in your home while the installation is occurring because the cable guy will have a few questions for you while he is installing the internet access such as, where are your phone jacks located? Where is your phone base on your landline? (This usually means where is your answering machine device located).

The cable guy will also need to give you a password for your internet access so that someone cant access your internet connection and steal your data. This password is usually more than 18 characters or letters in length. Wires will also be cut when the cable guy is installing the wireless access so make sure you know what is being cut. At a certain point during the installation, the phone landline will be cut just so you are aware.

Before the cable guy leaves, make sure that the Internet access works on every computer in your house. For one of my desktop computers the cable guy needed to come back and bring a wireless chip because the computer didn’t have one. Also make sure that all the phones in your house that are connected to wires are working. If something isn’t working, make sure you tell the cable guy so that he fixes it before he leaves.

You will also need to sign a contract from the cable company. Before you sign anything, make sure you read the contract first. Read the print that says what you are paying and make sure that the price you are signing for is what you agreed to over the phone with the cable company. If the price is different then call the cable company before signing anything.

Finally, one very useful tip. The cable guy was supposed to arrive in the morning before noon at my house. He didn’t show up until 2pm and I was so livid that I called the cable company to complain. Because of that, they gave me the first month of wireless and phone service free of charge. If you aren’t happy with your service, make sure you say something, notifying the cable company that they will lose a customer if you don’t get something for free.

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