How Technology Has Changed My Life

Although I like technology, I have to say that it hasn’t completely changed my life for the better. It definitely has its pros and cons so in my world here they are:

Pros of Technology

As my son started driving, I am grateful he quietly texts me about his safe arrival and his friends need never know.
Thanks to the invention of a facsimile, I can receive a duplicate image of virtually any document in a flash. I can still remember the day my father came home excited about the invention. Who would have guessed we’d actually own one?

I can find information with a lot less effort and it is usually more thorough than what I would find at my local library.

I am able to work from the comfort of my home without a commute. I can also shop as well, but I am not sure my husband finds that a benefit.

I can socialize without seeing anyone. This is great for those bad hair day mornings. It allows me to keep in touch with friends who live faraway too.

Cons in My Life

Technology seems to make people stupid and shifts the blame. Try standing in line at a store when the computers are down. Worse yet ,have you ever disputed something that is listed in a company’s computer? People think if it is in the computer, it is correct. Unfortunately, computers are only as accurate as the people who enter information and humans make mistakes.

Now let’s talk about phone calls and voice messaging hold systems. Isn’t it refreshing when someone actually picks up the phone? My finger gets tired punching in a million numbers so that I finally get connected to the correct department of a company only to have to leave a message anyway.

Technology has made me lazier. I do not get up to turn on the television or virtually anything in my entertainment center.

Technology has made everyone multi-task even more. I find it scary that people use computers and cell phones while they drive. Our cars have become portable offices and I know it has adversely affected everyone’s driving.

Then there is the issue of trying to find a table at popular restaurants during lunch time when they offer free WiFi. Perhaps, some of you are even among the sitters who hog the one table with an outlet between eleven and three while nursing a cup of coffee.

Look for me. I’m the one balancing a tray of lunch and wandering aimlessly trying to find a seat. I’ve got nothing against using WiFi for extended periods of time at local establishments, but I still think restaurants should limit it during peak hours.

Then there are my children; two adorable boys who spend countless hours socializing through their electronic games.

On the whole, despite all those cons, I have to admit I feel lost on those days I misplace my cell phone or just can’t get the Internet to work.

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