Take on the Hordes! Use your weapons, speed, and special attacks to defeat the hordes of spawning monsters in thrilling battle action!   Any attacks and dashing can be canceled, which means non-stop action!   Set a blistering pace and vanquish them all!  Various Monsters Await! Monsters in the tower will attack you from the ground, from the air, with weapons and magic.  Watch out - some of them are pretty tough!   Use the Invincible Attack to Get out of Trouble! If you find yourself surrounded or in danger, use the Invincible Attack as an emergency escape and mow down the enemies around you!


Collect New Weapons as You Ascend the Tower! New weapons, each with a unique special attack can be collected as you battle your way up the tower.   Try various routes to discover them all!  Customize Your Weapons Load-out! Luc and Fran can both carry up to four weapons at once.   Select which weapons to take into battle and are assigned them to buttons / keys to suit your fighting style.


Story Mode! Select one of the two heroines and take on the challenges that await in tower.  The routes, story, monsters, and difficulty are vary depending on the character selected.  Story mode features full Japanese language voiceover.   Score Attack Mode! You have 3 minutes to battle for the highest score possible!   Find the perfect load-out, then make full use of dashing and canceling to reach the top scores!  Co-op score attack with a friend in Dramatic Battle mode (see below)!  Survival Mode! Hold out against incoming waves of monsters for as long as you can.  Do what ever you can to run up the clock! Running away works too!  Co-op fight for survival with a friend in Dramatic Battle mode (see below)!  Challenge Mode! Put your skills further to the test by taking on the challenges set in this mode.   Hint: Different challenges may require different weapons and approaches!  Dramatic Battle! Play local two player co-op with a friend in Dramatic Battle mode!   Dramatic Battle is available in Score Attack and Time Attack modes. Toggle this mode on and off from the weapons selection screens.


42 Achievements to Collect! 42 achievements are available to unlock by fulfilling certain criteria in the game.   Achievement criteria and how many achievements you have obtained can be viewed by selecting COLLECTION from the main menu.