Story Mode

Fight your way through the Adjuvant Trial to beat your rival Fran and claim victory for the Aristocrats’ academy of Besier!
Take on and defeat all the monsters on a floor to open a portal to the next stage.
Multiple routes and endings await, depending on your performance!
Beat every floor in the tower within 10 minutes to uncover the secret behind the Aristocrat and Knight factions and discover the true significance of the Adjuvant Trial.

Score Attack Mode

Battle oncoming waves of monsters to earn as many points as possible within a
3 minute time limit!
The game ends when time runs out or when Luc’s HP reach zero.

Endless Mode

Survive for as long as you can against a never-ending swarm of monsters!
Unlike Score Attack Mode, there is no time limit in this mode.
The game ends when Luc’s HP reach zero.




Weapons & Special Attacks

At the start of the game, four weapons are selected and each assigned to a button. The type of Special Attacks available depend upon the weapons selected, so choose the weapons and Special Attacks that suit your fighting style or strategy.
Each the Special Attack of a weapon is activated by pressing L1 + the assigned button.
Luc will switch to her next weapon when Special Attacks are performed, but there is no material difference beside the visual change.


Defeated monsters will drop coins. The number of coins dropped depends upon the type and level of the monster defeated.
Coins disappear after a short time, so pick them up quickly!
The more coins Luc collects in a row, the higher the Chain Bonus she will receive.
A new Unstoppable Special Attack will be awarded for every 100 coins collected.

HP (Hit Points)

Luc’s HP will reduce when she takes damage from a monster and the game will end if Luc’s HP reach zero.
HP regenerate a small amount whenever Luc’s level increases or when progressing to a new floor in Story Mode.

MP (Magic Points)

MP are required to perform Special Attacks and to Dash.
MP are used up when the Dash button or Special Attack buttons are pressed and these actions cannot be performed when Luc’s MP are too low.
MP regenerate when Luc’s level increases, when a monster is defeated or automatically over time.

Unstoppable Special Attacks (Bombs)

The number of Unstoppable Special Attacks available is indicated by the number of circular items below the HP games at the bottom left of the screen.
When a bomb is activated, the number of attacks will reduce by one and Luc will perform a spinning attack, during which she is invincible and able to move around.
A new Unstoppable Special Attack will be awarded for every 100 coins collected.


Select Weapons


Unstoppable Special Attack


Move Canceling

Luc can avoid pausing between normal attacks, Special Attacks, landing from jumps, Dashes, etc. by canceling into other moves.
This technique is especially advantageous when used in conjunction with the temporary invincibility gained by Dashing as Luc can attack without taking damage.
Attacks can be performed up to three times on the ground and three times in the air and movement ability is reset when Luc returns to a neutral state or when dashing.

Using Dash to Nullify Attacks

Luc becomes invincible for several frames whiles Dashing and Luc’s attacks can be canceled by Dashing. This allows Luc can find opportunities to attack without being damaged by watching monsters for openings and using Dash.
When Luc is hit in the invincible state, a blue effect occurs instead of a hit effect.

Attack Collision

When Luc and an enemy attack at the same time and the attacks collide, the both attacks are rendered ineffective.
This can be used to your advantage by using area effect Special Attacks to nullify attacks coming from behind.
A blue effect occurs instead of a hit effect when an Attack Collision occurs.

Rigid Body State

Sometimes a blue effect will occur when attacking an enemy, even when there has been no collision of attacks.
This is due to the enemy’s ‘rigid body’ state. When this happens, the enemy is taking damage, but they are not presenting an opening for attack.
The number of times a monster can enter a rigid body state depends on the type of monster and it can be deactivated for a set amount of time.
(They take damage and are immobilized.)
Fighting with a grasp of how many times you have damaged a monster can be an effective strategy.