Finding Goals In Life

Everyone has a goal in their life that they wish they could achieve. It’s important to have dreams and hopes, it makes life worth living. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are or even if you make them come true. I think sometimes people forget about what their dreams were when they were kids. What did you want to be when you grew up? What kinds of things did you wish you could do?
I can remember wishing that someday I would become a veterinarian, a journalist, archaeologist or a marine biologist.

It was fun to think what was in outer space, what creatures were undiscovered in the ocean and jungle, or what it would have been like to have lived a hundred or thousand years ago. I always loved to help all the stray animals I could find, or write silly stories and poems, and I have always loved the ocean. Unfortunately, I have not become any of those things.

However, I have become something far more important, a mother to two happy boys, who I love more than anything in the world. I knew I always wanted to have a family and be a mother, but until you actually become one, you have no idea that you can love someone so much.

You may have goals that are related to your family, financial success, career, traveling, or doing something exotic. I for one don’t dream of going skydiving or climbing some huge mountain, I am too afraid of heights. My dreams are far simpler, I would like to own a house someday, be a “soccer mom”, and maybe retire on some gorgeous beach somewhere. Although, I will probably change my mind on that one once I have grandchildren.

But, if I only knew I had 3 months to live, I would probably forgo seeing all the exotic beaches and probably just spend the time I have left with my family, making sure they knew how much I love them and trying to create as many good memories as possible. What would you do if you knew the exact moment you would die?

The world has gotten far too complicated and people are in such a rush they forget to stop and enjoy the small things in life. Just stop for a minute and look around at what you have that other people don’t, not everyone was blessed with children, money, or a place to live. You should appreciate the little things that life has to offer. Try to make your dreams come true because there may not always be a tomorrow.

I don’t want my life to be measured by my possessions or the amount of money that I have made. You certainly can’t take any of that stuff with you when you go, but I would like to think that you can take your memories with you. I once read a book call “The Giver”, it was about a boy who was being trained to be the new giver, and they lived in a world with no color and no seasons.

The families were assigned and babies were created in a facility then assigned to a family. The giver was the one who held all the memories of the world from the feeling of snowflakes melting on your skin to seeing the color red. It was a very interesting book that makes you think back to when you younger and you first discovered things for yourself. I can remember past Christmases, family gatherings, playing with my friends, and playing make believe games.

I wish I could always have that feeling when I didn’t have a care in world or having all the responsibility that you have when you grow up. I think I forget too often what I enjoyed so much about being a carefree child; things look and seem so much different.

Maybe I have been watching too many sappy girly movies on television, but when I look at my grandmother or see an old couple holding hands walking down the street, I hope that my life will be a long happy one. I may not be able to afford the finest things in life but dreams are free and so is love.

Just think about what you used to want in life before you got older and life got more complicated. If everyone could go back to having the imaginations of children then the world would be a far better place.

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