Delete Your Facebook Account And Get A Life

A colleague of mine is not able to attend a movie without checking facebook and texting constantly. This person will sit at a table in a nice restaurant posting on facebook while consuming dinner! No joke, fork in one hand, smart phone in the other. Needless to say, I no longer spend much time in a restaurant with this individual. I might add that this could be anyone and is not limited to those under the age of thirty. I know people in their fifties that use facebook as an opportunity to behave, as if they were once again, in junior high school.

This obsession with facebook and texting is a detriment. What kind of people have we become? We post pictures of ourselves on facebook, and spend hours trying to find people from high school. A former acquaintance in her late fifties has probably found 75 percent of the people that attended her rural high school from 1964-1974. This is not only weird, but very creepy and not healthy.

How sad to reach a point where the highlight of one’s life is the local summer get together of all the high school friends. You can imagine how interesting are the photos sent out to thousands on facebook of a bunch of fat old men and women rehashing the ‘glory days’. Don’t get me wrong.

There is nothing wrong with getting drunk with old friends, and dancing to really bad music, provided, by the participants. But to then plaster it all over facebook, for the entire world to view? Mind you this nonsense lasts all year. On the bright side, it gives those that never do anything the opportunity to act like they do something.

What kind of person is interested in knowing that someone they waited tables with in college has posted an album of their nephew’s wedding, graduation, birthday bash, etc? People need to keep some things private; but obviously they think that their hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of friends want to view photos of people they have never met and will never meet. Remember when we were kids and hated it when friends and family pulled out the picture album of the most recent vacation or reunion? What happened?

What kind of person has time to view multiple daily pictures of the granddaughter of that person you really couldn’t stand in grade school? How about clicking that you like what a friend of a friend of a friend had for breakfast, or that they spent all day long in their pajamas! No kidding! More pathetic than the moron who constantly posts photos revealing their daily activity (never got out of the pj’s today) is the idiot that posts the comment ‘love the pajamas’!

Moreover, what kind of life does the person have that spends hours daily on facebook, posting pictures of their house, their pool, the sunset, the dog, the wife, the husband, the cat, the bottle of wine they are drinking and on and on. Even more astonishingly is the fact that at least some people take the time to view all of this nonsense. It appears as if these folks truly believe they are interesting. The self-absorption is rampant. This social networking is clearly anti-social behavior.

I was reluctant to try facebook, as from the onset it seemed just plain stupid. Of course facebook could be used for many good reasons. Unfortunately most of it is shear nonsense. I tried facebook for about a year. I can assure you I never looked up my old high school buddies. I was astounded at the number of friend requests and from whom many of the requests derived. I deleted my account a few months ago.

Now I don’t have to respond, as to why I didn’t click ‘like’ on some moronic photo or statement. And yes, believe me, I know colleagues that discuss who from and how many clicks they get on their posts! I learned much about the state of society today. I may be an old curmudgeon, but I am now certain that facebook, in general terms, is not a good thing.

As always, good people are very hard to find. The banal activity on face book is a simple reminder. Since facebook is a reflection of society, that could partly explain why in 2012 only clowns run for President of the United States. Ah yes, that warrants another story, for another time.

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