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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

The Harvest Moon series is unique in a sense that it doesn’t involve guns, violence, and racing cars. It’s a race to save a farm in a small yet charming villiage with interesting neighbors. Each has a distinct story to share, and it’s your choice whether to engage in friendship or ignore them and carry on with farm chores! This game is great for everyone, especially for the whole family!

What makes the Harvest Moon series so addicting? Is it the cute little farm animals such as cows, sheep, and horses? Or the tedious planting and watering in order to produce cash for house upgrades and farm equipment? Maybe it’s the option of whooing a girl and raising a family? With all of the options available, it’s very hard to become bored with life on the farm.

A Wonderful Life is the newest addition to the series with many new surprises!

A few of the features:

  1. Over 40 character to become socially active with
  2.  New farm animals such as ducks and a goat
  3. A new marriage system where you can check on the girl’s feelings in her diary
  4.  Storyline involved in 6 chapters expanding over 30 years
  5.  New plants and the ability to grow hybrid crops
  6.  New way to cook and more recipes
  7.  Realistic weather patterns ex: rain, snow, sunset
  8. Ability to raise a child with the option of 6 career choices for him

With so many new features, it should keep everyone from running out of things to do! Unlike the previous games, this one is more focused on building a successful life instead of saving the farm. You do this by marrying one of the three potential girls, and raising a son. Family is the key to this game. The downside is that there are only three where there was 5 girls to choose from in the past games.

You have the sweet farm girl that everyone loves (Celia), the shy traveling girl (Nami), or the happy girl (Muffy) that works at the bar. The blue feather is still a must in order to propose. Failure to propose will end the game at the end of the year. So marriage isn’t really an option.

The graphics are exceptional! The best out of all the Harvest Moon series. They did away with sprites and went to polygons, full 3D. It is much more realistic. Now the characters in the game age as the chapters flow by.

Your physical features change such as growing gray hair. People will pass away, and new people will move in. Much better than staying the same age forever and always looking tha same. The scenery is breathtaking. From cascading waterfalls, to the glowing sunset , everything adds a touch of sparkle to the game.

The sound is the same as in the past games: Overly repetitive. The same two songs are looped in the background, but thankfully you can stop the music from record player located in your house. The animal sounds are more realistic instead of the cute sounds they had in the 64 and Gameboy.

The gameplay can get a little repetitive after awhile. That is why it’s important to maintain activness in farming and in your social life with villiagers. The replay value is very high. It is similar to Animal Crossing: Strangely addicting.

Overall, I would give this game an 8 because it is a different style of gameplay that is great for everyone, and because it’s so darn addicting!…

Finding Goals In Life

Finding Goals In Life

Everyone has a goal in their life that they wish they could achieve. It’s important to have dreams and hopes, it makes life worth living. It doesn’t matter how small or big your dreams are or even if you make them come true. I think sometimes people forget about what their dreams were when they were kids. What did you want to be when you grew up? What kinds of things did you wish you could do?
I can remember wishing that someday I would become a veterinarian, a journalist, archaeologist or a marine biologist.

It was fun to think what was in outer space, what creatures were undiscovered in the ocean and jungle, or what it would have been like to have lived a hundred or thousand years ago. I always loved to help all the stray animals I could find, or write silly stories and poems, and I have always loved the ocean. Unfortunately, I have not become any of those things.

However, I have become something far more important, a mother to two happy boys, who I love more than anything in the world. I knew I always wanted to have a family and be a mother, but until you actually become one, you have no idea that you can love someone so much.

You may have goals that are related to your family, financial success, career, traveling, or doing something exotic. I for one don’t dream of going skydiving or climbing some huge mountain, I am too afraid of heights. My dreams are far simpler, I would like to own a house someday, be a “soccer mom”, and maybe retire on some gorgeous beach somewhere. Although, I will probably change my mind on that one once I have grandchildren.

But, if I only knew I had 3 months to live, I would probably forgo seeing all the exotic beaches and probably just spend the time I have left with my family, making sure they knew how much I love them and trying to create as many good memories as possible. What would you do if you knew the exact moment you would die?

The world has gotten far too complicated and people are in such a rush they forget to stop and enjoy the small things in life. Just stop for a minute and look around at what you have that other people don’t, not everyone was blessed with children, money, or a place to live. You should appreciate the little things that life has to offer. Try to make your dreams come true because there may not always be a tomorrow.

I don’t want my life to be measured by my possessions or the amount of money that I have made. You certainly can’t take any of that stuff with you when you go, but I would like to think that you can take your memories with you. I once read a book call “The Giver”, it was about a boy who was being trained to be the new giver, and they lived in a world with no color and no seasons.

The families were assigned and babies were created in a facility then assigned to a family. The giver was the one who held all the memories of the world from the feeling of snowflakes melting on your skin to seeing the color red. It was a very interesting book that makes you think back to when you younger and you first discovered things for yourself. I can remember past Christmases, family gatherings, playing with my friends, and playing make believe games.

I wish I could always have that feeling when I didn’t have a care in world or having all the responsibility that you have when you grow up. I think I forget too often what I enjoyed so much about being a carefree child; things look and seem so much different.

Maybe I have been watching too many sappy girly movies on television, but when I look at my grandmother or see an old couple holding hands walking down the street, I hope that my life will be a long happy one. I may not be able to afford the finest things in life but dreams are free and so is love.

Just think about what you used to want in life before you got older and life got more complicated. If everyone could go back to having the imaginations of children then the world would be a far better place.…

Why The Key Ring Is So Indispensable – Bigger Is Better In This Case

Why The Key Ring Is So Indispensable – Bigger Is Better In This Case

It’s time we put the debate to rest: size does matter. I say the bigger the better. When they’re big, we can find them easily. Key rings, that is. We all carry them; in our pockets, handbags, clipped to our jeans. Keys: we’ve all lost them occasionally. That’s why the key ring is so indispensable.

With so many nifty designs available, there’s no excuse not to have your keys organized. And take a look at all the freebies out there. Complimentary key rings from restaurants, gas stations, banks, real estate and insurance offices. New companies give them out as free advertising, shouting out their logos.

I love my gas station gizmo, my Exxon tiger key ring. Sighting a shady character approaching, I’d reach for my tiger. He’d help me into my car expediently and I’d breathe a sigh of relief, locking my car doors hastily.

We have “reward” key rings, like my Weight Watchers lifetime member key ring. With a 55-pound weight loss under my belt I’m proud to pull out this one. For kids, we have so many sports-themed key rings for their athletic milestones, all very validating.

So you see, key rings can boost self-esteem. They make us feel special. They make a personal statement, symbolize a favorite thing or hobby: skating, biking, hairdressing, computing or art. Whatever floats your boat (sure, boating too!) there’s a key ring for you.

How about a macho key ring? My brother, a New York City cop, carries a ‘persuader baton’ key ring. This spiffy little token was given out at academy graduation.

The persuader baton is a mini-night stick that can be used to inflict all kinds of persuasive pain upon your victim. My brother likes to harass anyone on the train who is picking their teeth, hoarding too much seat space, or generally making his commute miserable. Definitely a handy dual-purpose key ring.

For the egomaniac, or hot singles, there are name key rings. That adorable hunk won’t even have to ask your name, just leave your key ring at the bar. Anyone experiencing memory lapses? Highly stressed? Menopausal? A name key ring might be a good idea for you. You won’t lose your keys and you won’t forget who you are either.

My most beloved key ring is the one I found while rummaging through my kitchen junk drawer. Lovingly handmade by my daughter at age seven, this one proclaims me “#1 Mom”. This is a priceless key ring. It will never be discarded.

I bet you never realized how necessary, meaningful and sentimental key rings could be. They’ve been around forever and always will be, even in our high-tech society. Maybe someone will invent a talking key ring. “I’m over here, stupid!” Never mind, we’re already in a frenetic state of beeping and buzzing with our cell phones, beepers and palm pockets. I’d prefer to keep good old-fashioned key rings just the way they are: colorful, conspicuous and there when we need them.…

Illusion Of Safety

Illusion Of Safety

Full individual protection is an illusion. Currently we have rules for war, weapons and mass destruction, we have laws for behavior, and traffic, etc. we have protected ourselves so well that we’ve nearly forgotten what it was like before all of our protection.

We fail to realize that laws and rules are simply guidelines with consequences. They are not guarantees. We have become too paranoid to take risks, not because we are afraid of the outcome, but because we are afraid of being unprotected.

The cost of a risk is relative depending on the person taking it and risk can result in backlash, anything from ridicule to loss of life, but they are necessary. Our fear of being unprotected is undermining our ability to stand up for our individual values and our protections are allowing not only the abdication of responsibility for our actions but also the disintegration of our children’s education.

When a person makes a move to defend their values, that person is not “protected” from the public; they may be called names, their property or person may be harmed they may even be ostracized by friends, family and community. To be protected from these potential effects, people elect not to stand up and defend their values.

In essence we allow others to decide what values our community, state or country will espouse and if our community chooses to embrace values that an individual does not agree with, there are two courses of action: risk the above unpleasant experiences by voicing disapproval, in this one may open themselves up to questions as to why they did not speak up sooner or we can just “go with the flow” thereby weakening not only our individual values system, but that of our family, community and country.

We have come to rely far too heavily on perceived protections. Since we have parental controls and firewalls to protect our children from the internet and television, many parents no longer feel it is necessary to take responsibility for or closely monitor what their children do. What happened to snooping in your child’s room while they are at school?

What happened to asking about a child’s day and insisting on meeting their friends and boyfriends/girlfriends? What happened to asking questions and demanding answers? Simply because children have gotten smarter does not mean that they have become more trustworthy, in fact because of this children should be monitored more closely because now many of them possess the ability to cover their tracks.

The No Child Left Behind Act requires that schools meet certain standards in the areas of reading/language arts and math. While this appears to be beneficial, many schools are finding it necessary to cut funding for programs such as art and music that encourage expression, in order to use these funds to bring English and math programs up to the newly required standards.

Classes that were required 20+ years ago are now becoming distant memories. In raising the standards for these areas only we have put children at a disadvantage in regards to the ability to further their education once they graduate from high school. Since universities and many scholarships also require that students have other interests, hobbies, skills or talents.

We are slowly removing their ability to discover whether they have talent in areas aside from English and math and taking the enjoyment and culture out of our schools.

There is no doubt that the world is a dangerous place, whether it is more dangerous now with gangs than it was fifty years ago with the Ku Klux Klan is in the eye of the beholder. In the end we are more afraid of the world now then our parents and grandparents were because we have abdicated our responsibility to our families, communities and country and protected ourselves out of values.

We have implemented educational programs that have the effect of slowly eliminating art, music, social studies, geography, etc. leaving our children few places in school in which to excel and no places to have fun. John Steinbeck wrote “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry”, he’s right; we have protected ourselves out of life and into a world of boredom, cowardice and paranoia.…

Living With Hearing Loss

Living With Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects many aspects of daily life. I have had hearing loss since birth. The doctors believe that my hearing loss was caused by oxygen deprivation. I was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around my neck. According to the CDC, there are over 12,000 babies born in the US with hearing loss every year. The cause of hearing loss in most children is unknown.

As a child with hearing loss, I was tested yearly to check if my impairment was getting worse. I had to sit at the front of the class so that I didn’t miss anything the teachers said. I did get hearing aids when I was in the sixth grade, but the inevitable teasing and embarrassment were one of the reasons that led me to stop wearing them.

I had the large behind the ear model, with the full ear molds. The school also had a special amplifier system to help students with hearing loss. The teacher wore a microphone around her neck which transmitted directly to headphones that I wore.

As I grew older, I learned ways to cope with my difficulties. I began reading lips, and paying attention to facial cues. I also learned to focus on what I needed to hear. Situations with a great deal of background noise were especially difficult. I preferred not to draw attention to my disability, and would often miss key points in conversations or lectures. I also have trouble pronouncing some words because I am unable to hear the different sounds.

When you are hearing impaired, it is important to inform others that you need them to speak more loudly. Usually this will help, but sometimes it doesn’t. One notable occasion when this was not effective was when my father died, and we were at the funeral home discussing arrangements. I informed the woman more than once that I was hearing impaired and couldn’t hear her.

Unfortunately, she was unable or unwilling to speak more loudly. Luckily, other family members were there and helped by repeating what she said so that I could hear after I became frustrated and upset. Friends and family should volunteer to go along to appointments for people with hearing loss.

Hearing loss can also affect relationships with other people. I don’t know how many arguments I’ve had with people due to my impairment. Some arguments have been caused by a misunderstanding while others were merely from the frustration of asking to have things repeated.

I do know a few signs in sign language, but because most of my interaction is with the hearing world, there are few people who would understand or know how to respond. I now have hearing aids, and while they do help, my hearing is not perfect. The hearing aids I have now are much improved from what was available when I was young!

Another thing you should know when talking to people with hearing loss; it is not funny to joke that you couldn’t hear something they said. It is cruel. You wouldn’t pretend you couldn’t walk if you saw someone in a wheelchair, would you? Do not shout at those with hearing loss. I find it most helpful if people speak clearly and slowly. Also, do not try to speak with the hearing disabled from another room. We often rely on lip reading and facial cues to fully hear.

To see what it can be like living with hearing loss, try this: turn your TV down to a very low volume. Are you frustrated that you can’t hear everything the characters are saying? You can turn up the volume so you can hear. Now consider that those with hearing impairment cannot just turn the volume up on life. Hearing aids may help, but they do not replace natural hearing.

Understanding the limitations and practices of those with hearing loss is key to successful interaction with those affected. If you take the time to learn what may be helpful to the hearing impaired, then communication and their lives will be much improved.…

Delete Your Facebook Account And Get A Life

Delete Your Facebook Account And Get A Life

A colleague of mine is not able to attend a movie without checking facebook and texting constantly. This person will sit at a table in a nice restaurant posting on facebook while consuming dinner! No joke, fork in one hand, smart phone in the other. Needless to say, I no longer spend much time in a restaurant with this individual. I might add that this could be anyone and is not limited to those under the age of thirty. I know people in their fifties that use facebook as an opportunity to behave, as if they were once again, in junior high school.

This obsession with facebook and texting is a detriment. What kind of people have we become? We post pictures of ourselves on facebook, and spend hours trying to find people from high school. A former acquaintance in her late fifties has probably found 75 percent of the people that attended her rural high school from 1964-1974. This is not only weird, but very creepy and not healthy.

How sad to reach a point where the highlight of one’s life is the local summer get together of all the high school friends. You can imagine how interesting are the photos sent out to thousands on facebook of a bunch of fat old men and women rehashing the ‘glory days’. Don’t get me wrong.

There is nothing wrong with getting drunk with old friends, and dancing to really bad music, provided, by the participants. But to then plaster it all over facebook, for the entire world to view? Mind you this nonsense lasts all year. On the bright side, it gives those that never do anything the opportunity to act like they do something.

What kind of person is interested in knowing that someone they waited tables with in college has posted an album of their nephew’s wedding, graduation, birthday bash, etc? People need to keep some things private; but obviously they think that their hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of friends want to view photos of people they have never met and will never meet. Remember when we were kids and hated it when friends and family pulled out the picture album of the most recent vacation or reunion? What happened?

What kind of person has time to view multiple daily pictures of the granddaughter of that person you really couldn’t stand in grade school? How about clicking that you like what a friend of a friend of a friend had for breakfast, or that they spent all day long in their pajamas! No kidding! More pathetic than the moron who constantly posts photos revealing their daily activity (never got out of the pj’s today) is the idiot that posts the comment ‘love the pajamas’!

Moreover, what kind of life does the person have that spends hours daily on facebook, posting pictures of their house, their pool, the sunset, the dog, the wife, the husband, the cat, the bottle of wine they are drinking and on and on. Even more astonishingly is the fact that at least some people take the time to view all of this nonsense. It appears as if these folks truly believe they are interesting. The self-absorption is rampant. This social networking is clearly anti-social behavior.

I was reluctant to try facebook, as from the onset it seemed just plain stupid. Of course facebook could be used for many good reasons. Unfortunately most of it is shear nonsense. I tried facebook for about a year. I can assure you I never looked up my old high school buddies. I was astounded at the number of friend requests and from whom many of the requests derived. I deleted my account a few months ago.

Now I don’t have to respond, as to why I didn’t click ‘like’ on some moronic photo or statement. And yes, believe me, I know colleagues that discuss who from and how many clicks they get on their posts! I learned much about the state of society today. I may be an old curmudgeon, but I am now certain that facebook, in general terms, is not a good thing.

As always, good people are very hard to find. The banal activity on face book is a simple reminder. Since facebook is a reflection of society, that could partly explain why in 2012 only clowns run for President of the United States. Ah yes, that warrants another story, for another time.…

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King: How His Sacrifice Has Been My Inspiration And Blessing

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King: How His Sacrifice Has Been My Inspiration And Blessing

I am almost at a lost for words as I try to express what Dr. Martin Luther King ultimate sacrifice has meant to me as an African-American man. The majesty of his life has led me to believe that I can accomplish anything that I set out to do. During the last ten years, I made it my personal quest to study the brilliant life of Dr. King; in my studies I have come to realize that this man was an appointed savior that helps give me the voice to live my dream without fear or degradation.

His visionary attributes are what have shaped the design of African-American people in the modern day, the America we have come to know today. The freedom that I have today is contributed by Dr. King’s tenacity to unite and form organizations that broke the mold of hatred and immorality.

All of my dreams and aspirations come from acknowledging that I am the by-product of many courageous people that sacrificed their time, energy and pride to make this a better place for me. If it were not for the civil-rights movement, my life probably would be much different than it is today.

Often times I feel that I am blessed in so many ways, in comparrison to some of the atrocities that still take place in our modern world. One of the main reasons I love the written and spoken word were due to the energizing and prophetic words of Dr. King. It does not matter if I have read or listened to his works a hundred times or more, I am still amazed at the grace and eloquence that his words breathe in the confines of our humanity.

Martin Luther King life has been a constant symbol of motivation for me personally; this is where I draw strength from the magnificence of his courage. Indeed, it takes courage to fight for what is just and right, and when the odds are stacked against you, these undeniable barriers would be that thing that Dr. King used in his advantage to defeat prejudice and bigotry.

By this reasoning, Martin Luther has been one of my most favorite role-models that have shaped my principles and beliefs. The many brave tales of Dr. King’s life has made me realize the importance of giving back to my community and world.

Undeniably, his contributions have made me a better man, it has also made me aware that the only resolve for true peace is negotiation and flexibility; this is my precedent of truth, the footprint and genealogy that has become my walk in this life.…

Sew Keepsake Soft Baby Block Toys To Upcycle Baby Clothes

Sew Keepsake Soft Baby Block Toys To Upcycle Baby Clothes

Fabric blocks are a great gift to sew for any young child. They are soft and can be used for safe throwing. A jingling bell inside makes throwing even more fun. They can also be stacked into towers that are fun when they fall down. You can make them in any size, from tremendous and useful for climbing or seating, down to miniature sets perfect for tiny hands.

I knew I wanted to make some of these for my baby last year, but I didn’t want the blocks to have boring or plainly patterned faces. My applique skills were not developed at all, and I didn’t want to try making my own applique at that time. I found my perfect solution when I was putting away baby clothes. This is a task that is always bittersweet for me; I am glad my baby is growing but I just love sweet baby clothes and hate putting them away!

We had been gifted with loads of hand me downs, and I noticed that after my baby had worn them, some things were too worn or ragged to save or give away. But many had such adorable appliques and embroideries. So here was what to do for decorating baby’s blocks!

Just cut out and remove the appliques from the baby clothes, and hand stitch them to felt squares for making the blocks. You can also use squares from the baby clothes for the other block faces, to match and coordinate. I even used knit onesie fabric in making some of our blocks.

I just stabilized the knit with nonwoven interfacing, or in one case, handstitched the knit square on top of a felt square. If you have baby scraps too small for the size block that you want, you can do what I often have and make up a four or nine square patchwork to size.

To make these, determine what size block you want to make. A really nice set of these for stacking could be 8, 7, 6, and 5 inches. Or you can just choose a size, say 6″ and make only one. For each block, you cut 6 squares to the same size. Sew on the appliques for those squares that will have them. Sew the squares together. Refer to my photograph above of the duck block for assembly order.

After you have all six squares sewn together, you will sew the sides to make the cube. Leave one side partially open, for turning. I double sew the seams, to make certain they are sturdy. Carefully clip corners and turn.

Then you will stuff them. I add a plastic capsule with a jingle bell in the middle. You can use the kind of capsule that encases toys in the vending machine, or even a plastic Easter egg taped shut. I like to encase the jingle bell like this, so that the sound does not get muffled by the stuffing.

You can use whatever you prefer for stuffing. Poly-fil makes a light block, perfect for tossing about. I have also stuffed larger blocks with scraps to make them heavier and more sturdy for stacking and climbing upon. Once your block is well stuffed (but not overfull), hand sew the opening closed carefully. Then make a whole stack!

Besides being used as toys, these look sweet in the nursery as decorations, and even piled on a bed. They can be played with a long time and then be saved as sweet keepsakes of baby’s favorite outfits. And they make great gifts. No one should throw away ruined baby clothes- instead reuse them and make them cute and useful again!…

I Will Walk With You During Your Life

I Will Walk With You During Your Life

One Feather–I felt compelled to share some thoughts with my friends, as I have been walking and connecting with many more of you recently. I frequently wondered where my life was taking me when I was a child. From my beginning, I knew I was different when compared amongst others in my clan. My thoughts seemed to generate more quickly in virtually all areas of normal occurrences.

Everything that happened seemed to have an explanation or deeper meaning. It made little difference if it was the witnessing of a predatory animal snatching its meal, or something as mundane as why people need to breathe. The obvious, as well as the “secretive” aspects of earthly living always had the wheels in my brain turning, whether I wanted that or not.

As I matured, I found myself more and more social, yet at the same time, looking for ample time to be secluded. It was a juggling act of unimpressive proportions in my own mind. Seclusion was my best friend and often felt like my biggest enemy. While I had many friends, some of the biggest ones seemed to be the invisible variety–at least invisible in regard to anyone else’s ability to see them.

Living life with visions dancing in my head also created an awkward balance. Streams of thoughts, where I wondered if I was simply crazy, combined with a deeper awareness that I knew I was anything but crazy, made my quest and thirst for knowledge even stronger.

My journey through this life intrigued many people. Some saw me as inspiring, while others viewed me as your basic lunatic. There were many who shied away from me as if I were possessed by some demonic forces.

Those were the people who I loved to have a little fun with, simply because their ignorance of who I was earned them the right to be chided. Yes, I know this was improper and far from what I have shared and taught in the past. Keep in mind, I have human tendencies, just like each of you. The ability to balance right from wrong is an ongoing lesson for myself, as it is for all people.

I noticed that as my age advanced, so too did my industrious nature. I wanted to build an empire of knowledge that could be equaled by no one else. A competitive edge emerged more strongly with each day that passed, and exists in me even now.

As a teacher of spirituality, my desire is to make each of you feel filled with a base of knowledge that is unmatched when it comes to living and sharing the preponderance of love, compassion, generosity, hope, trust and faith that should be the basic principles of your behavior. You should know that it is a God-given gift for all of us. My connection to my friends is just as strong now as ever.

It is something that I pride myself on. It is one of the largest driving forces in my life, just as it should be in yours. Perhaps what I really want to ask you is if you are going to honor yourself enough to live your life the way I just mentioned. Those character traits are never going to grow old, nor will they ever become the wrong way to do things.

I look forward to speaking and seeing more of you. Some might be wondering how that is possible, but rest assured, even though I am living in the form of energy and not in a physical body, I can still reach you. The value of what I am sharing today is that the magnification of your importance is elevated on a pure soul level.

If you learn and absorb that, then you know that all spiritual beings are a present, as well as a presence in your journey on earth. May the blessings from this body-less friend of yours continue to bring the love and invigoration you need to have a secure, perfect physical life! These are The Spoken Words of Spirit.…

Valentine’s Day 2011 – Great Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine’s Day 2011 – Great Gift Ideas For Her

With the New Year comes new holidays, Valentines day is right around the corner. Valentines day is the day to show that special someone in your life just how much she means to you, whether its your wife, girlfriend, soul mate or really good friend. You don’t want to be stuck in the dog house this Valentines day because you waited until the last minute to buy your special someone’s gift or even worse forgetting to buy her a gift at all.

If you are the type of person that procrastinates because you have no clue what to buy your special someone then it’s time to lose that excuse because here are a few no fail gift ideas that will make anyone woman feel special.
Instead of purchasing the same boring box of chocolates that you get her every Valentines Day mix it up a little with customized M M;’s.

Not only will this gift melt her heart but it will also melt in her mouth! This is a great way to show her how you really feel. You are able to upload a photo, pick your own colors and create your own unique message to appear on the M M;’s. This is a very reasonably priced gift as well; you can purchase a bag for as low as $9.99.

If the woman in your life would prefer jewelry then the open hearts collection by Jane Seymour is a great route to go. The design is beautiful and the meaning is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Another great thing about this collection is that it’s available in necklaces, earrings, rings, charms, bracelets and watches. There are necklaces available for as low as $49.99 making this a very affordable gift.

Maybe that special someone in your life is a book worm; if that’s the case then you want to purchase her a gift that she will appreciate. Pay attention to her favorite authors and types of books that she prefers to read.

A membership to a book club would be a perfect gift or a complete collection of books in the category that she enjoys reading. For example if she is a Twilight fan then you could purchase her all of the Twilight books so that she has the complete collection.

Have you and your significant other been together for quite some time now? If so then you might feel like you need to rekindle the flame. A great time to do that is at Valentine’s Day. If it’s possible try to recreate the first time you met, or a first date or any happy memory that really stands out to you.

For example if the both of you used to enjoy going out for coffee and then parking somewhere and gazing up at the stars then do just that. To some people this may seem like a stupid idea that didn’t cost you any extreme amount of money but to your loved one it will show her just how much your relationship means to you and that you do remember the god times and fun that you both used to have with one another.

Valentine’s Day is the day of love; don’t forget to show that special woman in your life just how much she means to you. You don’t have to spend a fortune; these gifts are all under $50 and are wonderful gift ideas. If all else fails you could fall back on the same old flowers and candy, but why not try to mix it up a little?…