“Bad” Memories Can Rob Your Happiness

Bad memories can rob you of your good memories and destroy your happiness, causing mental issues. Do not allow bad memories to destroy your life toss them to the wind and get on with your life. You’re the keeper of your mental faculties, don’t allow things that happened in your past to gobble up decision making abilities and your ability to enjoy good things and continue to love and care for others.

Step back and take time to study the overall memory and allow yourself to study the total concept as to who performed the act causing you to have the memory. Allow yourself to re-live the memory as often as is necessary so you can release it from your mind and accept it as a bad memory caused by someone other than yourself and you’re ready to move on in your life.

Re-living the memory as often as possible until you can get over it. Each time you visit this memory…remember, it was you who did nothing to cause the memory, and if you where involved, you have changed your way of life and will never go back to the situation again. Do not allow bad memories to destroy and rob your life of other good memories and happiness. We’re all human and bad memories occur in every ones life.

Do not ever allow yourself to feel “pity” but think positive and know that you’re not going to allow these bad memories to destroy your life. There’s probably not a person on this earth who has not felt shame, anger, and depression regarding something that happen in their life.

Re-hashing bad memories repeatedly with other people…you’re looking for pity and keeping the wound open to cause the memories to fester over and over again. This keeps the mind remembering the pain and sadness and it automatically re-opens the wound again and again.

Do not deny these bad memories ever happened but admit it to yourself because you know it did…accepted it and move on. Re-living these memories can consume your mind and keep you an unhappy person to live with or to enjoy. If a particular person caused these memories, forgive them, realize “we’re” human and “we” have all caused others some sort of bad memory in our life.

We may ask ourselves…why do we always remember the “bad memories”? Listen up people, it’s because it affected our lives and it brought pain and suffering to us, but remember, “we” control our thoughts and our minds and “we” can turn those bad memories to good ones.

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