A Vacation Of A Lifetime To Williamsburg, Virginia

When I was a teenager, my parents recommended that my family take a spring vacation to Williamsburg, Virginia. Not knowing much about it, (I didn’t even know where Williamsburg was if they hadn’t told me it was in Virginia) i protested against such a trip. However, once i began to do some research on it and my parents showed me the brochures they had picked up, the trip looked better and better.

The brochures listed activities for the entire family to do such as visiting colonial Williamsburg where the writers of the constitution stayed at and a giant revolutionary battle was held there. There would be a water park, a roller coaster theme park and other historical sites to visit.

At the time i wasn’t much of a history fan but the water park and roller coaster theme park sure sounded interesting to me and my brother. We got directions by using map quest and other direction sites online for all of the attractions that we wanted to see. So we got in the car and drove to Virginia.

We stayed at a hotel in Williamsburg that had a Continental Breakfast included. The hotel rooms were fully furnished and the service at the hotel was exceptional. The first day there was spent driving to Virginia which took a couple of hours and then unpacking, followed by an exploration of the pool. We went to dinner, a quiet little Italian place for tourists and later we went swimming at the hotel’s pool.

The second day of the trip I thought was going to be really boring because we were going to visit the historical sites. However, the colonial part of Williamsburg turned out to be amazing. I never thought i would learn so much about Revolutionary times in the United States. We went on a horse and carriage ride that took us through a town that was set up to look exactly like how the people lived in the revolutionary days.

The people and buildings were all modeled after it and the people spoke Old English. There was also a lot of interactive exhibits set up. There was a broom making sewing mill we entered in which a woman used an old sewing machine and was able to spin straw and tie enough of them together with a piece of wood and make a broom.

She showed everyone who attended her exhibit how to make their very own brooms from scratch that we got to keep. Another exciting exhibit was a saw mill in which huge bits of lumber from trees were put on a moving belt that led to a giant saw and would cut the wood into tiny pieces.

There was also an exhibit dedicated to seeing how the people interacted socially for fun by dancing, singing, and clapping and the kind of instruments they used back then. The entire colonial Williamsburg was set up like an interactive museum and it was so much fun.

There is an old convenience store that sells old items like papyrus paper that they used to write on. An animal pen is set up containing cows and horses and all kinds of animals. The tour guide for the entire tour of the town was extremely friendly and nice and explained every interesting fact about the town like when it was built and its importance.

Williamsburg stood as a place where famous men like Thomas Jefferson and George Washington stayed and wrote parts of the constitution. Most of our first presidents like Madison and Adams also came from the Virginia area and stayed at the town.

After we were done exploring the town aspect of Williamsburg, it was on to the battle area where a battle at Williamsburg took place between the British troops and George Washington’s men took place. As tourists we were shown how Washington’s men were able to hide in the woods and disguise themselves so that they could take on the British troops with better weapons and more men and defeat them. We got to see the cannons and banyan rifles that were used by the militia men.

We were shown the clothes they worn in battle. The best part was the two interactive exhibits set up. One was watching a group of men dressed in militia gear and twirl their rifles and fire into the air and march in single file line.

They also fought in a mock battle against men dressed in British clothes to show how combat was really fought. The other exhibit was a demonstration on how to fire a cannon. It took many people to operate a cannon and after the tour guide explained its operation many times over, we were able to successfully fire it which was so much fun.

Both the town and military aspect of the town were so much more exciting than I had originally participated and I was glad I came. The next couple of days we spent at the Water Park which contained many fun water slides and tube rides, a giant wave pool, and body slides.

The place was really filled with people. The last day we spent at a Roller Coaster Theme Park which if you like roller coasters, you’ll love the one in Virginia. In addition to Roller Coasters it had swinging ships, a haunted house, and other cool rides.

The dinner meals we ate in Williamsburg were all fantastic and the food was delicious. They treat tourists graciously and the service in every place we attended was exceptional. The hotel was all you could want in a place to stay out. At the end of the trip as I look back, it was one of the best vacations i have ever taken. I would gladly go back if i have time for a vacation again.

If you have a family with children or are an adult, i highly recommend going to Williamsburg, Virginia and seeing everything that the place has to offer. You will get a rich history lesson and a vacation filled with enjoyment.

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